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As the internet video explosion continues to grow, the use of online video is increasingly becoming an essential part of today's marketing mix. Video is the most effective way of communicating your message to your audience. Video engages people more than any other medium and research shows that we are much more likely to remember what we see in a video than we will by looking at text and pictures. It's a simple fact that the longer a user stays on your website, the more likely they are to invest in your product or business. It is also a fact that visitors stay, on average, 75% longer on websites with video.

With this in mind, any video you produce deserves full, professional attention in order to make the strongest possible connection with your target audience. At Zippyangels we use our experience of over 10 years in a broadcast and corporate environment to give you first class service. Whether you are looking for a 'web video', 'corporate video' or 'promotional video', Zippyangels Productions is your complete solution. We work with the client right from initial discussions through scripting, production, post production and delivery and your satisfaction is our no1 priority.

At Zippyangels Productions
you are more than a client,
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production team as we
work together to produce
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