Web Video
Video for business, is being completely re-defined through the web. A video is perhaps the most accessible element of any website and is quickly becoming what people expect to see on a website. A web video about your business conveys information quickly and coherently to the audience wherever they are. The access to market is bigger than ever thanks to the web and is increasing everyday. A web video could provide the best ROI in a company's sales and marketing portfolio. View Example>>

Corporate Video
The corporate video can sometimes be sneered at, but done correctly it can be a powerful tool for staff, clients and prospects. Whether you want to give new starters an idea of the company they are joining or you want prospects to see the kind of company they could be dealing with, a corporate video could be the ideal solution. View Example>>

Promotional Video
The promotional video is one of the most versatile videos that we offer. Whether you want it playing at exhibitions or trade fairs, in your reception area, on your website or to send to customers the promo video can help your business/product get noticed. View Example>>

Performance Video
The children's nativity, your amateur portrayal of 'Macbeth' or that all important presentation, whatever the important performance get it covered by someone you can trust. All staff at Zippyangels are fully CRB checked and have experience in filming both live performances and live television, so you know your special performance will be in safe hands.

Induction/Training Video
We all know the importance of training staff, so what better way to train them than with a bespoke video. Whether it is an induction for new starters, general health & safety on your premises or a process specific to your business, your staff will benefit from a video that is made for them.