A promotional video is a versatile marketing tool, which places your company right in front of your target audience.


Whether you want your promo video to boost online presence, play at exhibitions or trade fairs, in your reception area or even to send to potential customers Zippyangels can help.


The promo video is particularly effective for promoting your business or announcing the launch of a fresh product or service and it’s flexibility means that they’re easy to repurpose for use in many channels, such as social media or email campaigns.

Product Videos

Product videos are a great way to increase sales and promote your product or service. They can help convert prospects into customers, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce product return rate. 

How Can A Promotional Video Help Your Business?

Promotional videos can be incorporated into any stage of a marketing strategy. When launching a new product, for example, your promotional video can help with raising awareness, generating excitement and ultimately, boosting sales. At Zippyangels our experienced team specialise in promotional videos, and focus on ensuring your video achieves your goals. So if you want to create a promo video to help boost your business, get in touch with us today

Nobody knows your business quite like you do.

At Zippyangels we work closely with you to develop your film. At every stage of the process from concept development through scripting, filming, editing and graphics we work with you to ensure the finished film does exactly what you need it to do.

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We’re vastly experienced in the production of promotional films and have worked with a wide array of clients both large and small, so contact Zippyangels today to discuss your ideas.

Our Process & Workflow.

There are 3 main aspects to the production of a video, Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production. Here at Zippyangels we liaise with you through each step to ensure that throughout the phases both parties are clear that the production is on course for the finished product that YOU require.


The Pre-Production phase makes up about 40% of any video production and is arguably the most important, as it's during this stage that the content, style and structure of your video is formed.


The Production phase constitutes roughly 20% of the production of the video. The quality of the footage gained in this phase is key to the quality of the finished product.   


Occupying the other 40% of the production, Post-Production is where your finished video really begins to take shape. With the addition of music, voiceover and graphics this is where your vision becomes a reality.

Let's Work Together

If you're thinking about producing a video for your business, get in touch today to see how Zippyangels Productions can help.