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Training Videos

We all know the importance of training staff, so what better way to train them than with a bespoke video.

Training session being taken with staff

Effective Education

The human brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text alone and as 90% of information received by your brain is visual, this makes training videos a highly effective way to educate staff or give detailed information to visitors.

Fire Safety Training video products

Reduce Costs

Training videos keep staff training and development consistent and improvements in this area helps boost employee loyalty. They can be delivered as either DVDs or as online training both of which can help to reduce extensive training costs.

Shallow focus of circuit boards

Improve Productivity

Regular training of staff is proven to increase both loyalty and productivity and the production of a bespoke training video for your staff will show that your business is committed to continued staff development.

How Can A Training Video Help Your Business?

Whether it is an induction for new starters, general health & safety on your premises or a process specific to your business, your staff will benefit from a video that is made for them.

Nobody knows your business quite like you do

At Zippyangels we work closely with you to develop your film. At every stage of the process from concept development through scripting, filming, editing and graphics we work with you to ensure the finished film does exactly what you need it to do.

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